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RMX 01/02
EDLX.042 RMX1/2

On ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ AnD put their full scope to work. The result was a record that fidgeted restlessly between a bleeding dancefloor and more airy machinist musings. But even suspended somewhere deep in the voids of space, the duo’s indust... read more



New Podcast from Reka

Electro Freque. The Tresor resident steps up to the plate this fortnight armed with enough dark and deadly electro music to keep things ticking along just right. We got all the usual suspects in there–Dopplereffekt, Umwelt, Aux 88, Drexciya–plus a load of choiced new cuts from the likes of modern tastemakers Claro Intelecto, Helena Hauff and [&h... read more

New Podcast from Syl Kougaï

Screaming sounds and violin swords. We’re letting this one do all the talking. No clues, just this: brace yourself. Syl Kougaï is the perverse Frenchman making what we’re gonna loosely term “aggy IDM”. Check out his Bleeding Arts self-releases for an insight into the kind of maverick electronica he’s been dabbling in for almo... read more

New Podcast from J.C.

Don’t be a sour puss. José Cabrera–better known as J.C.–ushers in the serious vibes this fortnight, via the likes of King Tubby, Funkadelic, Fugazi, Shellac and the rest. It’s a killer tracklist, certain to tug at the mouth of the coolest of cats. And as a little extra summin summin, the Tresor resident’s dropped in a [&hellip... read more


Episode 153
Episode 153 Reka Zwischenwelt – Enigmata Marco Bernardi – The future of xanex Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing Beta Evers &#...
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