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Rise Above
JK Flesh

Justin K. Broadrick’s output is an intimidating one. Not because it is so incredibly raucous and dirty-sounding, for the most part. It’s just that there is so much of it. His earliest venture began, aged 15, with the recording of his first—and last—r... read more



New Podcast from JoeFarr

For all intensive purposes. JoeFarr makes techno with purpose. Since debuting on Turbo in 2012 he’s made a name for himself as one of the rowdier kids on the block, releasing on labels like Power Vacuum, Leyla Records and his own ONNSET, which he runs with a few others. In March this year he put his bangers […]... read more

New Podcast from Alex Bau

Musick Machers. It’s May, it’s 20+ °C: Summer has officially arrived in Northern Europe. But as we’re all clamouring for the suncream and squeezing into our short shorts, the Credo chief is keeping things über cool–as always. On the menu this fortnight it’s all mellowed out minimal and the dubbiest of techno from the like... read more

New Podcast from JK Flesh

Post-Posthuman. Justin K. Broadrick is a bit of a legend. Since debuting as JK Flesh with his 2012 Posthuman album, he has been picked up by Regis and Dominick Fernow (Prurient and Vatican Shadow) for their respective Downwards and Hospital Records labels. But that’s only in the Brummy’s recent history; his discography in fact reaches right... read more


Episode 172
Episode 172 JoeFarr Nuances -Faded to the Fringes Chris McCormack – Who Are You Nuances – Her Daughter & The 7.30 Train Hous...
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