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The Right Place Where Not to Be
Giorgio Gigli

Giorgio Gigli presents his debut album “The Right Place Where Not to Be”  after a period of personal growth due to his work on his own imprint Zooloft Records, in the same way his DJ sets reflect the spirit of that evolution. He explores sophisticated amb... read more



New Podcast from Etapp Kyle

Stopping the Klocks. Over the last few years Etapp Kyle has risen from obscurity into one of the most promising and sought-after techno talents. With early backing from Ben Klock he’s since joined the books at Berghain and earned a firm place in the hearts and minds of those deeper sonic explorers amongst us. His is a swirling astral type of sou... read more

New Podcast from Steve Bicknell

Lost & Found. This fortnight we’re at the mercy of Steve Bicknell, cult UK club figure best known for basically brining techno to London. His Lost parties with partner Sheree Rashit remain the stuff of legends, and he’s still touting his wears at booths all about town. Lately he’s fallen in with the Ostgut Ton crew after “Tr... read more

New Podcast from Dax J

Fifty Shades of Black. We know you’re all licking your wounds after ADE–we certainly are. And what better way to set us on that road to recovery than this: an all-jungle mix from Londoner Dax J. To celebrate his debut album, which is due to drop on Oct 30, we’ve tapped the Berlin-based DJ, producer […]... read more


Etapp Kyle
Episode 159
Episode 159 Etapp Kyle No tracklist available...
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