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After teaming up with Sawlin to deliver a series of spacy “Texture” works, dubbed ‘Foreign Awake Pt.1 & Pt.2’, Subjected returns to Electric Deluxe this time in searing solo guise. Known for his thundering, no-holds-barred basement style, which unt... read more



New Podcast from Raiz

Debunking das Bunker. This is the Droid Brother’s second podcast for Electric Deluxe (here‘s what they got up to last time), but a tracklist this good we simply couldn’t ignore. Recorded live in home town Los Angeles, Vidal & Vangelis Vargas treat us to an industrial history lesson with all the usual suspects included (Skinny Puppy, C... read more

New Podcast from The Advent

Pretty Far Gone. Seven albums in the bag and a discography that really says it all, Cisco Ferreira is a hard-hitting veteran who can still pack a punch. This fortnight, however, we’ve got him on the wind-down; a swooning mix of late night goods with just enough pulse to not quite feel ready to go […]... read more

New Podcast from Reeko

Metamorsels. Join us on a modular Mental Disorder journey this fortnight with Spanish vanguard Reeko. On March 2 and April 6 he releases the two-part concept album, ‘La Metamorfosis’, inspired by Kafka’s own nightmarish novella The Metamorphosis. Recorded exclusively for Electric Deluxe, enjoy over an hour of haunted manipulations and eery... read more


Episode 142
Episode 142 Raiz The Gruesome Twosome – Hallucination Generation Bigod 20 – the Bog (Techno Duck Mix) Skinny Puppy – Roden...
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