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DJ Red

Goa Club favourite Simona Calvani AKA DJ Red returns to Electric Deluxe with Underwater, the follow-up to her sensual and sumptuous debut Duality from 2014. After Arad’s deftly innovative Particles and Waves LP and Justin Broadrick’s exceptionally antagoni... read more



New Podcast from Albert van Abbe

Through the Sludge. This fortnight the No Comment and VANABBE chief selects his favourite sludge metal tracks. Get comfortable.. Listen here. ”…To me the graphical and musical elements are one, there is no difference! Just like there is no difference between Bunker and Motorwolf. They are just brand names… The energy and madness are essent... read more

New Podcast from Oliver Ho

20 Years of Oliver Ho The techno anniversaries have been in full swing this year: Tresor turned 25 a few weeks back, Movement Detroit celebrated 10 years in May, and since January Blueprint Records have been toasting their 20 year legacy with releases and label parties. Oliver Ho, of course, helped lay the blueprints of Blueprint, […]... read more

New Podcast from Stranger

Stranger Starts The War. We bill ourselves as the “afterparty podcast” series, and a place for artists to bare their souls a bit. Well, Rotterdam has a steeped hardcore tradition and if you find the right after hours the BPMs only keep on rising. Gabbers still walk amongst us and just about everyone here has some […]... read more


Albert van Abbe
Episode 178
Episode 178 Albert van Abbe Om – Sinai Chaos Echœs – Senses of the Nonexistent Monolord – Empress Rising Horsehunter R...
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