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RMX 01/02
EDLX.042 RMX1/2

On ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ AnD put their full scope to work. The result was a record that fidgeted restlessly between a bleeding dancefloor and more airy machinist musings. But even suspended somewhere deep in the voids of space, the duo’s indust... read more



New Podcast from WSR

Sine waves and acoustic oceans. As WSR, Emanuele Porcinai treats acoustic and synthetic materials to tape and electronic manipulations. The results are unique forays into the nature of sound and space that blur the lines between classical music, techno, industrial and more. There’s also Unknot, a collaboration with DJ and producer Sciahri, that h... read more

New Podcast from Andre Kronert

Sweet Cinematics. For film buffs and lovers of deep, cinematic music tune into Andre Kronert this fortnight. Recorded with two turntables and a sampler the Night Drive Music chief splices up for us cult film dialogue with luscious tracks from the likes of Shed, Drexciya, Robert Hood, Squarepusher, together with theme songs from Blade Runner, Alien a... read more

New Podcast from Radial

Finding Finder. We might know Jeroen Liebregts best for the hard-as-nails techno we’ve heard on the likes of MORD and Audio Assault (the label he set up with Bas Mooy over 10 years ago), amongst others. But now there’s a new project in the works, Finder, a more melodic and varied alter ego that will put all of […]... read more


Episode 156
Episode 156 WSR Transept – Happysburgh Áine O’Dwyer – The Ruling of Pan Colin Stetson & Mats Gustaffsson – Rock...
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