An Outrageous Fate Type - Clouds - EDLX.050

EDLX.050 An Outrageous Fate Type

Clouds are back and as outrageous as ever. Resident Advisor called their Electric Deluxe debut “reliable, burly and slightly left-of-center” AKA business as usual for Liam Robertson and Calum Macleod. Now An Outrageous Fate Type supersedes Timeslip Roadmender with more metal-on-metal scrapes, salty pores and weeping wounds as jungle and techno headlock in a filthy scrum to the end.

“An Outrageous Fate Type” bares row upon row of serrated teeth as it gnashes its rusty jaws, whilst “In The Accursed Domain of The Gatecrasher” slashes the air in rebuttal with razor sharp claws. Either way, there’s a stench in the air and blood is going to be shed. Better stand back and give them some room.
Package includes 1 limited edition special edition vinyl 12″ plus digital files in any format.



Checkout the video to accompany the release by our visual artist Florence To.