Sep 12 2016

New Podcast from Yotam Avni


Noise Maker.

The Tel Aviv mainstay and recent Monad producer for Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts steps up this fortnight. If you don’t know, then get to know by tuning in here.

Aug 30 2016

New Podcast from Patriarch Conflicts


At home with Strobe.

You might know Patriarch Conflicts from their slamming Strobe sets, a party the pair (real names Justin Patti and Rachid Prins) run with partner Allard Drijfhout out of Rotterdam. Or maybe you stumbled across their epic threepart podcast for Strobe FM, which featured no less than 8,5 hours of music from ambient to straight up jacking stuff.

No? Well, here’s a little mix of all the other stuff Patti and Prins like to kick back to when their chilling at home. Tune in now.

P.S. The next Strobe is taking place in Rotterdam on September 10 with another local institution, Bas Mooy’s MORD. Sign up here.

Aug 16 2016

New Podcast from Albert van Abbe

Through the Sludge.

This fortnight the No Comment and VANABBE chief selects his favourite sludge metal tracks. Get comfortable.. Listen here.

”…To me the graphical and musical elements are one, there is no difference! Just like there is no difference between Bunker and Motorwolf. They are just brand names… The energy and madness are essentially equal.”

– Guy Tavares Bunker / Motorwolf

Aug 01 2016

New Podcast from Oliver Ho


20 Years of Oliver Ho

The techno anniversaries have been in full swing this year: Tresor turned 25 a few weeks back, Movement Detroit celebrated 10 years in May, and since January Blueprint Records have been toasting their 20 year legacy with releases and label parties. Oliver Ho, of course, helped lay the blueprints of Blueprint, together with James Ruskin and Richard Polson, so naturally it’s his 20th jubilee too!

This fortnight the seminal producer has dived into his own prolific catalogue to present a 20 Years of Oliver Ho mix, exclusively for Electric Deluxe.

As Ho comments:

“2016 marks 20 years of producing and releasing records for me; this mix represents two decades of ideas and obsessions. Using different aliases over time has allowed me to push further into different directions and allowed each project to breath in its own world. Mixing old and new together the connections between it all become clear now.”

Tune in here.

Jul 18 2016

New Podcast from Stranger


Stranger Starts The War.

We bill ourselves as the “afterparty podcast” series, and a place for artists to bare their souls a bit. Well, Rotterdam has a steeped hardcore tradition and if you find the right after hours the BPMs only keep on rising. Gabbers still walk amongst us and just about everyone here has some kind of affinity for it, be it buried or otherwise. It’s inescapable, loud, obnoxious and some of the most fun music around.

Cue this fortnight’s episode: a break-neck, full-throttle acceleration back through the hardcore continuum via the expert selection of Stranger, Rotterdam’s not-so-secret techno weapon. Over the last few years this DJ, producer and label owner has been creeping out of the shadows and into our greater consciousness, leaving lasting impressions be it at Awakenings, Berghain or from playing 12 HOURS STRAIGHT in Utrecht.

He’s built of harder stuff, that’s for sure. And here’s the unflinching proof! Hit this now but be ready for war!