Comedy Of Menace pt.2 - Terence Fixmer - EDLX.013

‘Comedy of Menace Part 2’ is the second vinyl single from the critically acclaimed artist album ‘Comedy Of Menace’ by Terence Fixmer. Hypnotizing and mental in many ways, ‘Comedy of Menace Part 2’ reflects the character of his full length, and shows once more the versatility in Terence Fixmer’s productions. Reworks by artists such as Niederflur and Brendon Moeller pay tribute in an equally varied way.


The vinyl includes the dubby and light original of “Phantoms”, and the sensitive rework by Nieder- flur on the A side, who transform the original into a more driven and dancefloor appealing techno track, without loosing the originals tender essence. The B side presents the hypnotic original “Breathless” and Brendon Moeller’s remix of “Things Are Over”. Applying his very own dub techno fingerprint and creating a timeless soulful groove monster, it’s shifting your reality from head to toe.

Digitally the EP is accompanied by a heavy “Last Heroes Dark Tool” by Terence Fixmer and Speedy J’s disrupting bass hybrid ‘Things Are Over Bonus Beats”. True to Electric Deluxe label philosophy, every artist is represented with his very own distinct sound, regardless of commercial aspects. Not trying to force the label into an arbitrary direction, but instead choosing the artists involved by a common vision in pushing the envelope in electronic music, and giving them full artistic freedom has formed the label’s very own sound.

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