Dark Matter - AnD - EDLX.038

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” After a cataclysmic entry into the Electric Deluxe fold, AnD follow up the ‘Kundalini EP’ with more pummeling dancefloor works on ‘Dark Matter’. Over a slew of dancefloor artillery for labels such as Repitch Recordings, Black Sun Records and Horizontal Ground, this production outfit have continued to refine their distinct and menacing sound. Melding steely industrial sentiment with their own toolkit of analogue fashioned tropes, AnD have crafted an unforgeable signature which has allowed them to freewheel through techno’s many tomes—and beyond—without ever straying too far from the mark. It explains why D’n’B nestles with ease amongst the blistering 4/4 material; and suggests there could well be more fluctuations to come. But this time it’s a pretty no-nonsense affair. On the A-side “Cosmic Strings” is as delirious as any stone cold Tresor classic. Then on the flip, “Photon Visibility Function” coils dark and brooding atmospherics round the most malevolent concoction of AnD-isms. This one has been made to split the club right open, paving the way for the duo’s debut full-length album, ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’, to fill the void this Fall. Expect more cosmos-themed compositions both of and well beyond AnD’s sonic system, due out in October. The sleeve artwork has been created from a series of paintings by AnD themselves, reinterpreted here by EDLX’s own in-house designer Jan Willem van de Baan into a set of industrial-evoking pieces inspired by the sound and aesthetics of the EP. The album “Cosmic Microwave Background” will be out on October 20th, serving as the final high point of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, where Electric Deluxe is hosting a showcase on Saturday in the legendary industrial building Gashouder with AnD finishing off the night.