Dolor - Subjected - EDLX.041

After teaming up with Sawlin to deliver a series of spacy “Texture” works, dubbed ‘Foreign Awake Pt.1 & Pt.2’, Subjected returns to Electric Deluxe this time in searing solo guise. Known for his thundering, no-holds-barred basement style, which until ‘Foreign Awake’ was kept purely to his cloistered Vault Series outlet, with ‘Dolor’ we see the industrial edges polished smooth in this rotund and rolling three-track EP. “Krupp” opens in typical rumbling Vault fashion that builds into a gargled mechanical reprieve and back again. On the B-side, “Dolor” applies Subjected’s rusted signature to a groovy subzero bassline and blue-note melody, the EP’s duly crowned peak-time lead. “Wute” then concludes with the sort of venomous hypnotism followers of Electric Deluxe should be familiar with by now, albeit this one has a more scuffed and tarnished appeal. Then for the digital fans, “Zopiklona” presents a slightly cleaner, bleepy bonus track with one killer charged drum crescendo.