Electric City - Terence Fixmer - EDLX.006

Terence Fixmer returns on Electric Deluxe, with two strong tracks in his signature style.


On top, we are proud to have Function on board, with a deep and out there remix that’s exploring the artistic freedom Electric Deluxe is the platform for. Unique to all Electric Deluxe releases are the Tool versions, this time crafted by Speedy J and Terence Fixmer himself.

Icon of the electronic North of France, Terence Fixmer is one of France’s most treasured protagonists of the techno scene, of which he has been at the forefront for over 10 successful years.
 Terence’s music appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul. 
Keeping it rough around the edges. A pioneer, he above all preserves an original style, at once recognizable, that beats at the heart of contemporary techno production.

Function, one of Techno’s true underground heroes, has been DJing and making music for over 15 years. 
Recently moved from his NYC home to Berlin he’s still working with Regis, setting up the acclaimed Sandwell District imprint, kicking against minimal blandness with dynamic, harder-edged yet curiously accessible techno.

“Electric City (original)” is a classic industrial Techno track combining the driving force of relentless beats and bass with the huge rooms the that Roland drum machines open up when you put massive reverb on them. It’s hypnotic and psychotic sounds appeal to the primal side, driving you to forget about coolness and unconditionally express yourself to the beat. Uplifiting and dark at the same time, Electric City echoes the high tech metropolitain dystopia we live in today.

“Echoes” presents itself with a forward marching industrial beat, piercing synth lines, and sweat inducing rhythmic patterns. Its psycho bleeps are pure industrial funk. When the vocal sets in you’ll feel the relief on the dancefloor as the straight forward groove brings out the primal need to put your energy and emotion into expression: dance.

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Function’s remix of “Electric City” is dark as fuck, slow and massive. It retains the hypnotizing/ head fuck/ paranoia vibe through the track, while it swims in a subtle ocean of white noise. Function’s trademark shuffling dub sounds and the 808 rim shot with that huge reverb keep you moving, while the dark and evil drone sounds lead through the entire track. Darkness is when the only thing you can hold on to surrounds you, and is what scares you the most. Its slow build up, and by slow we mean Berghain-slow, spoiled by the absence of peak time pressure in this special place create the drama, a sound dedicated to the deep below.