Comedy of Menace pt.1 - Terence Fixmer - EDLX.009

Electric Deluxe is proud to announce the release of ‘Comedy of Menace’ by Terence Fixmer, as the first artist album on the label since its launch in late 2008.


With his distinct style, Terence caught the attention of owner Speedy J at a very early stage of the label. As the aim of Electric Deluxe always is to release music which has a certain character and personality, Terence Fixmer fits perfectly. His first EP on Electric Deluxe ‘Machine’ (with Speedy J remix) was released in the beginning of 2009, followed by ‘Electric City’ (with Function & Speedy J remixes) in 2010.

As a first glimpse on the upcoming Album Electric Deluxe will release the EP ‘Comedy of Menace Part 1’. The Vinyl of the EP includes two original album tracks “Drastik” and “Things are Over” and a hypnotizing Planetary Assault System Remix of “Drastik”, which already disturbs the dance floors around the globe including this years DEMF.

As all Electric Deluxe Releases also this EP is digitally accompanied by a “Drastik” Speedy J Tool and a “Drastik” Terence Fixmer Tool.

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