Empty Vessels - Phil Kieran - EDLX.011

‘Empty Vessels EP’ is Phil Kieran’s debut on Electric Deluxe.


First making his name as much-loved resident DJ at the legendary Shine club in his hometown of Belfast, Phil Kieran has transitioned from local hero to main stage headliner in grand style. His debut Album ‘Shh’ was released with one of the worlds leading techno labels in 2009, Cocoon recordings.

For more than a decade now, Phil Kieran and Speedy J have deeply respected each others music, and shared profound knowledge and interest in pushing music with technology.

When hearing ‘Empty Vessels’ for the first time, Speedy J’s attention was immediately sparked.

The A Side ‘Empty Vessels’ starts off the EP with a stripped down, swinging groove. Custom subtle, tripped out sounds flavored from Industrial, House, and just straight alien and disturbing origin are shifting, moving and melting this unique techno hybrid.

The B Side ‘Empty Vessels (Gary Beck remix)’ is dedicated to the dance floor in a more traditional form, while far from following a template. A cool groove, dusty bass drum and huge rim shots create a framework for noise build-ups and Gary’s own treatment of the already deranged original sounds. In all weirdness, the mix leaves no doubt about direction – it grabs you with brute uplifting energy and sends you straight to rave heaven.

The Digital version is accompanied by 3 Tools, as customary to any Electric Deluxe release:

Tool 1 by Phil Kieran ‘Empty Vessels’ is opening Phil’s magic tricks box, putting his custom, weirdly vintage sounds at your fingertips to add lot’s of flavor to any mix. Tool 1 by Gary Beck ‘Empy Vessels Remix Tool 1’ is instant rave euphoria. This takes care of all your fat bottom bassdrum and high frequency buildup needs. Tool 2 by Gary Beck ‘Empty Vessels Remix Tool 2’ gives you the middle and high frequency bite of his remix, with the distinct vintage feel of the original.

The inspiration behind ‘Empty Vessels’ was to create an ‘empty’ but stark and atmospheric piece of music, living from the space and gaps between the frequencies and leaving room for imagination, for breath, for soul.

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