EDLX.031 – Bells - Terence Fixmer - EDLX.031

“It’s been over a year since the Planete Rouge graced our fair roster, which is why we’re pleased to welcome Terence Fixmer back into the EDLX fold with ‘Bells’.

This is the fifth stand-alone EP from him for Electric Deluxe, on top of his last LP ‘Comedy Of Menace,’ and offers three more exquisite samples of what the techno veteran does best. Almost a counter-point to Fixmer’s last EDLX release—the dubby, warmed through ‘When The Sun’ EP—‘Bells’ is a homage to the pitch black dance floors of the night, with all his hypnotism and industrial hues in place.

“Bells” opens right in the thick of it, with alarm knells and viscous vapours swirling round a lasso loop that will hook you until sunrise. “In Chains” is it’s raw cousin—just as dark, unsettled, and riled with analogue sounds. But as midnight begins to dip into eternity, closer “Subspace Two” offers up a lasting sunny reprieve. The EP ends on a serotonin-soaked moment where dub, techno and house close their eyes and sway as one. ‘Bells’ is a versatile record, which sees Terence Fixmer cater for every nocturnal occasion. “