EDLX.032 Catapult - Hans Bouffmyhre - EDLX.032

Back in April last year Hans Bouffmyhre joined the EDLX family with ‘Hypnosis’, a driving three-track EP and tool package that saw the Sleaze man get deep and loopy. Now the young Glaswegian is back with more heavy hitting slabs of his “no nonsense” type of techno.

Hans Bouffmyhre, real name Stephen Gorrie, is definitely one of the harder working twenty-somethings in the scene today. Since turning to production in 2007 he has released a frightening number of records for labels like Perc Trax, Viva Music, Soma, and 8 Sided Dice; all the while keeping abreast of a busy gig schedule and manning his just as prolific Sleaze Records. In that time his discography has coursed through techno’s many variants, but minimalism and a purest aesthetic have remained steadfast traits throughout.

On ‘Catapult’ Gorrie plays to his strengths, turning in four blends of tension-building techno crafted with all the poise and subtleties we’ve come to expect from him. “Catapult” is the EP’s teasing opener before Gorrie plunges ever further into the aching, growling belly of the beast. “Mesmeric” is as it’s name suggests, heady hypnotism in it’s wildest form. “Pulsing” slams ‘Catapult’ into sweaty peak time with pistons and alarm bells, leaving “Secret Strobe” to keep this dystopic party marching well past dawn. We said ‘Hypnosis’ was dark; ‘Catapult’ then is verging on evil.