EDLX Spotlight #11: Raiz -

EDLX: How did you start producing and when?

RAIZ: We have been producing since 1999 in our current form Vangelis
has also been playing instruments long before that, mostly the guitar
and completed studies in music at the University as a classical guitarist.
We both took classes in MIDI and electronic composition while in
college as well, but mostly we call on our intuition and inspiration to write music.

EDLX: What is your approach to putting the tracks together in the

RAIZ: Typically we take turns at the helm. We mostly use software
to produce the tracks, however we do have a small collection of
hardware: a few older analog machines and various other newer
digital machine drums/synth, FX pedals, that we make use of on
everything we write.

EDLX: Can you describe your sound?

RAIZ: Deep and honest.

EDLX: Can you reference some of your influences?

RAIZ: Kraftwerk, psychedelics, film, media, life. Chicago, Detroit, Birmingham, Stockholm, NY, Berlin.

EDLX: What do you listen to when you are not producing music?

RAIZ: Indierock/melancholy, shoegaze, wave, hip hop, rap, RnB, techno, electronic,
and mining on the internet lost classics

EDLX: What have been your gig highlights of the last 6 months?

RAIZ: 5 hour set at Berghain, Oktave New York, Insomniac’s Beyond festival, Austin, and Interface 31 + 32.

EDLX: What is your Electric Deluxe top ten from the back catalogue?

RAIZ: we mixed in a top 10 Speedy J production career list as well if that’s OK.

Collabs – Magnit Express
Speedy J – Klave
Audio Injection-Kegerator
Gary Beck-Egoist
Terrence Fixmer – Thing Are Over
Speedy J – Pannik
Speedy J – Armstrong
Jochem Paap – Flam
Speedy J- Redshift
Adam Beyer – Ignition Key (Speedy J remix)

EDLX: What is your next release?

RAIZ: We have a few remixes coming out, one on Hi-shock’s Gynoid Audio,
and Octave’s Silent Steps that should be out or at the time of this
podcast release. Also we are working on some more EPs for Historia y Violencia
and Droid Recordings as well as a collaboration project with Truncate. Lastly,
plan on seeing a full-length album by the end of the year. Expect to
hear some deeper explorations into composition. We’ll be able to flex a
wider range of influences and styles that we haven’t been able
showcase so far on the EP format.

EDLX: Who surprises you the most when you play with them? Who is
pulling out records that you don’t know?

RAIZ: The Ostgut DJs Klock and Dettmann are playing lots of impactful vinyl
from past ages. DJ Deep from Paris has an incredible array of mixes as
well. We really respect those historical connections to modern methods.

RAIZ: Locally, stan min has a collection of midwest bred 90s techno house and
acid that has always impressed.

EDLX: At EDLX one part of releases is always the tools. Do you make
tools for your own DJ sets are you playing lots of edits?

RAIZ: We do render parts and loops from our own original music. This can range
from straight drum tools to atmospherics, noise, leads, as well as
chord and synth riffs. Being long time producers and live act, we
also get a kick out of making edits from other artists’ music (of all
genres) both pre-prepared and on the fly during our sets. The element
of spontaneity and diversity has always been a strong element of our

EDLX: Anything else you want to mention or say?

RAIZ: Aside from production and performance, we also run all media for Droid including the podcast, interviews, global news and assistance with the label. Fans of this music will find lots of enjoyable content on our site.

Last, we’d like to give respect to the crews around the world staying true to techno. MPLS, Demented, Berghain, Substance/Blankcode, Oktave, Black Market, and……all other like-minded individuals, the list would be too long..

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