Already established producers in their own right, the collaboration of Perc & Giorgio Gigli as Endless takes the distinctive sound of each producer and creates something far more than a simple fusion, forming a sound that is alien to either producer’s solo work.

Endless is inspired by the more hypnotic and psychedelic forms of techno. The middle
ground where drone & ambient music meets techno. Giorgio Gigli being directly influenced by his love of Brian Eno, Byetone and Robert Henke whilst Perc seeking for sounds of Irdial and Ifach when they started to work on the pool of sounds. Each track built upon the classic rhythms of early analogue drum machines, opening up the minimalistic aesthetic that runs through Giorgio’s tracks whilst smoothing some of the abrasive qualities that make Perc’s percussive storms so recognizable.

The ‘Area’ EP is starting off with “SG8” a crafted bass drum formed and fused with hypnotic drones creating a deep helical groove. “00165” on the heavy side a track shifting and shaping in a never ceased to please tension in sound and space. “EHDC” impresses with its sublime phonic density and tight bass drum sounds. True to the Electric Deluxe philosophy each of the tracks is accompanied with a tool giving digital DJs advanced possibilities of improvisation; easy to blend yet with distinct features.

With further tracks still to emerge no one is sure where this collaboration will head next, but one clue may lie in their soon to be unleashed performances showcasing a fusing of live and DJing, analogue and digital. With both producers have already proven themselves as accomplished DJs, their forthcoming performances, like their tracks will be something to savour. On his own Giorgio has two EPs on Zooloft plus a remix for Mikrowave coming soon. Whereas Perc is about to release his debut album for Perc Trax.