Episode 020

Jesse Somfay

Jun 14 2010


Episode 020 by Jesse Somfay

This is a 2 hour edit from the original 6 hour mix by Jesse. Grab the full 6 hour version here.

Boards Of Canada – From One Source All Things Depend
Palm Skin Productions – Evolution Of The Beast (Autechre Remix)
Clark – Talis
Boards Of Canada – Peacock Tail
Gescom – Key Nell (Autechre Remix)
Autechre – Plezo
Boards Of Canada – A Moment Of Clarity
Autechre – Drane
Autechre – ilanders
Aphex Twin – Mt. Saint Michel Mix + St. Michael
Dominique Dalcan – Aveugle & Sourd (Autechre Remix)
Boards Of Canada – June 9th
Autechre – Krib
Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Autechre – 6IE.CR
Autechre – Corc
Autechre – d-sho qub
Burial – Endorphin
V – Vliezwei (Autechre Remix)
Burial – Shutta
Autechre – Zeiss Contarex
Boards Of Canada – Tears From The Compound Eye
Stereolab – Refractions In The Plastic Pulse (Autechre Remix)
Clark – Suns Of Temper
How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
Deftones – Ghosts
Nine Inch Nails – Echoplex
Nine Inch Nails – The Big Come Down
Nine Inch Nails – The Day The World Went Away
Autechre – Altibzz