Episode 072

Mick Chillage

Jun 18 2012


Episode 072 by Mick Chillage

Brian Eno : The Lost Day / Chris Watson : Adult Cheetah Resting By Beobab Tree
Solipsism : You Can Wipe Away The Tears But Not The Memories
Locust : Playing With TIme [Micks Manipulated Mix with more Chris Watson field recordings]
Tom Opdhal : Naut-O-Pilot
Atom Heart : Digital Fields Forever
Dadavistic Orchestra : Teh Meh, Teh Meh
Porter Ricks : Biokinetics 2
On : In The Forest Of The Night / Chris Watson : Adult Cheetah
Deepchord : Ocean Of Emptiness
Sven Schienhammer : Altostratus Translucidus
Marconi Union: Blue Collar Brigade
Jasper TX : Black Sleep Part 1/ Chris Watson : Mozambique Nightjar Singing
Xela: The only Rose
Ishq : EvenSong Still
Pete Namlook : Schleuse / Chris Watson :Hippopotami Emerging From River At Dusk
Anthony Rother : Deimos
Peter Prausch :James Caird
Esa Ruoho : Departure
Mick Chillage : Storm From Nowhere.

Mick Chillage