Episode 149


Jun 29 2015


Episode 149 Szare

Pauline Anna Strom – Trans-Millenia Consort
Asusu – Low Art
Nurse With Wound – Salt Marie Celeste
William S. Burroughs & Martin Olson
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – They Found This Stone Was Too Hard To Break Up So They Put It On A Truck
SPK – In The Dying Moments
Muslimgauze – Blood Of Salah Jadallah
Pierre Henry – Antiphonie
Bachir Attar – Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil
Unknown – 3 Momo Resonating Tubes; Damaindeh-Bau, Finisterre Range
Death Ambient – Greenhouse
Neil Young – Why Does Thou Hide Thyself, Clouds…
Popol Vuh – Die Umkehr
Grails – Black Tar Frequencies
Earth – A Plague Of Angels
Demdike Stare – Grows Without Bound
Not Waving – Ability To Gain Access
Vessel – Black Leaves and Fallen Branches
Camberwell Now – Working Nights
Vidna Obmana – Flat Earth
Wolf Eyes – No Answer
Nora Orlandi / Alessandro Alessandroni – A Doppia Faccia (Vocal Version)
Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger
Cella Dwellas – Advance To Boardwalk
Andrzej Korzynski – Saved From Oblivion
Dub Syndicate – Forever More