Extra Works - Brendon Moeller - EDLX.028

Last May Brendon Moeller released his ninth studio album, ‘Works’, showcasing a new and decidedly club-oriented sound. The album itself was the product of a yearlong collaboration between Moeller and Electric Deluxe’s Jochem Paap in a peer-to-peer-type flow of creativity the label has become known for, resulting in a unique assimilation of both artists’ sonic signatures. Plying his veteran dub tropes to more classic techno frames, Moeller crafted a truly transcendental record full of versatile and profoundly engaging material—be it on extended listens at home or in a club. Since then Moeller has taken ‘Works’ to floors worldwide, and completed a campaign to ‘fix’ the track of a budding producer’s to be including in a pending release. ‘Extra Works’ is the outcome, and a rich posthumous summation of the project with fresh remixes and a new track from Moeller himself.

First up, fellow analogue champion Mike Parker offers an icy, stripped-down interpretation of the protracted wonky thinker “Far Out”, with tough thundering bass pulses and all the ominous atmospheres of feeling stranded deep in outer space. “Just another way to fly”, a new work from Brendon Moeller, continues the cosmic theme with a retroactive meander through bygone sci-fi. Full of machine-crafted sounds and fluctuating rhythmical patterns “Just Another Way To Fly” is a fine example of Moeller’s experimental and un-orchestrated approach to production, and the kind of unique and potent results that can evolve through his improvised methodology. Speedy J then presents a very special edit of “Far Out” in this trimmed down version of the sprawling 15-minute original Moeller first sent over at the start of the collaboration. Unlike previous “Far Out” tracks, there’s nothing languorous about Speedy J’s hastened cut, delivered however with all the poise and hypnotic qualities we’ve come to expect from the Electric Deluxe head. “Some Heavy Shit”, produced by Dutch artists Philogresz and ‘fixed’ by Brendon Moeller, concludes ‘Extra Works’ with another unique crossover of styles culminating in an instantly appealing balance of quirky Moeller experimentalisms and some thoroughly danceable modern techno.

Artists: Brendon Moeller other artists: Philogresz
Remixers: Speedy J & Mike Parker

Title: Extra Works Ep

Cat no. edlx.028

1. Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Mike Parker Remix)

2. Brendon Moeller – Just Another Way To Fly (Orginal)

3. Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Speedy J Edit)

4. Philogresz – Some Heavy Shit (Fixed By Brendon Moeller)

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