New Podcast from George Issakidis -

Meditative Moments.

A real treat for you this week EDLX listeners: we are pleased to welcome back George Issakidis to the the podcast series. George has been in and out of our radar for some time now, and his friendship with the boss goes way way back. In 2005 they released their first collab EP together on Novamute (‘Collabs 400’), followed up by ‘Collabs 401’ a year later. And in 2009 they came together once again, releasing ‘Sculpture’ this time through our own stable doors.

This summer George released his long-awaited debut album, ‘Karezza’, on Chloe and Ivan Smagghe’s Kill The DJ imprint. George has been dabbling with techno, downtempo and house for over 15 years, but for his EDLX podcast the man gets deeply spiritual. Over an hour of cool, calm and meditative music from one of our favourite artists: