When The Sun - Terence Fixmer - EDLX.022

Electric Deluxe are pleased to announce ‘When The Sun’, the latest EP from French protagonist Terence Fixmer.


Fixmer first cut his teeth on International Deejay Gigolos, aligning his early EBM and industrial-steeped brand of techno with DJ Hell’s cult and audacious label. Teaming up with Nitzer Ebb vocalist Douglas McCarthy, in 2002 he continued to explore the stylistic union as Fixmer / McCarthy, marrying his coined “techno body music” with the sensuality of pop on records for Synthetic Symphony and his own Planet Rouge imprint. Solo, he has fomented a relationship with Electric Deluxe since his 2009 EP Machine. His sound has persistently bridged the past and present in a tenacious refinement of modern techno, climaxing in his debut long player for the label, Comedy of Menace.

After the skulking ‘Le Terrible’, Terence Fixmer plunges deep on his Electric Deluxe return to present new works of lush and dubby techno. As its title suggests opener, “When The Sun”, bounds in on a light and jovial vibe—an instant warmer, arriving just in time to thaw the clench of winter with dreamy pads and a sparkling summer-bleached melody. “When The Moon” is its evening accompaniment, continuing the kinetic energy through to nightfall with a springy, rubber-ball bassline that drives the track home. “When The Earth” concludes on a more Fixmer-recognisable note. Employing signature industrial touches and dark to spooky atmospherics he delivers another stunning piece of dance floor hypnotism.